1. What is the average repair turnaround time?

    Repairs that enter our shop are usually diagnosed within 48 hours of arrival. This time can fluctuate however, depending on our work load. It is because of this that we recommend calling our service coordinator to obtain an SRA number. Based on this SRA number, we can schedule your repair and once the unit is received, can give it priority status. Once an estimate is approved, the necessary parts will be placed on order, if needed. If the part is in stock at RBE Video, the turn-around time is usually about 72 hours as we like to thoroughly test all equipment before sending it out. If parts are backordered, then the wait could be anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

  2. What if I have not received an estimate after 24 hours of dropping my repair off?

    This could be due to the following:
    • The parts needed have never been ordered and need to be set up in the system.
    • Parts have been discontinued. In this case, our service coordinator will try and source them elsewhere.
    • The repair is challenging and needs extra time to diagnose.

  3. What is the procedure for sending in a repair?

    The procedure is really simple. First call our service coordinator to obtain and SRA number. At this point, you will be asked to send in your equipment with this number, shipping details and fault description. If you are dropping off your repair, this SRA number will be generated at the front counter.

  4. Do you charge a Diagnostic Fee?

    Yes, a diagnostic fee is charged at the time the repair is dropped off. Once an estimate has been generated and approved, this amount will be applied to the final repair bill. In the case that the estimate is refused, parts are no longer available, or the repair is uneconomical, this fee is retained to offset the time spent preparing your estimate.

  5. What do I need in order to send my equipment in for warranty repair?

    All warranty repairs need to be sent in with a valid Bill of Sale which clearly states purchase date and place of purchase (in Canada). If you do not have this paperwork, try contacting your dealer for a copy.
    • Please note that warranty will not be honored if the equipment has been opened/tampered with by someone other than an authorized service provider.
    • RBEVideo Inc., reserves the right to refuse warranty service should any warranty voiding conditions be found.

  6. My equipment is still under warranty but was purchased out of country. Can RBE Video still do the repair?

    Yes, we can do the repair, however it will not be covered under Canadian warranty. You will be billed for the repair but you may be eligible to get some, if not all, returned by the manufacturer in the Country it was purchased in.

  7. What does my warranty cover?

    Warranty does not apply to any failures which have resulted from misuse, water or moisture damage and any physical/impact damage. For full terms of warranty, please review your warranty card.